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South Shore Conservatory

Kathy Czerny, SSC President
Stephen Deitz, Festival Director Amy Schomp, Festival Manager
Nancy Meredith, Box Office and Duxbury Campus Manager
Michelle McGrath, Publicity Services
Rick Assmus, Building/Grounds
Rich Fell, Piano Technician
Louis Gentile, Piano Mover

(as of May 20)

Mollie Baldwin Foley
Diane and F. Sherman Hoyt
Holly and Brendan Kissane
The Foundation for Creative Achievement
Frank Wisneski and Lynn Dale

Sheila and Richard Morse

Lee and Jack Barlow
Barbara and Fred Clifford
GAGNONtax, Judy and Bill Gagnon
Nancy Herndon
The Village at Duxbury

Nancy and John Powell
Wendy and Vince Spiziri

Mary Danner
Motoko and Gordon Deane
Rebecca and James Garrett
Donne and Frank Holden
Mimi and Joe Jannetty
Gerald and Linda Jones
Barbara and Morgan Lamarche
Hilary and Richard Lucier
Merck Foundation
Safe Foundation (2)
Kathy and Warren Skillman
Mary and Jerry Steinke
Richard and Carolyn Wadsworth
Jason Wolfson

Francis R. Doran Insurance Agency

Alliance Bernstein
Nancy Riegel
Sylvia and Dwight Rost

Shirley Amory
Gregg and Courtney Jordan
William and Katherine Dixon
Amy and Brian Sack
Charles and Holly Weilbrenner

Lanci and Page Valentine
Stephanie and Patrick Gagnon
Shirley Jenkins
John and Constance Enniss
Francis and Patricia Shea
Cathy and Joel Steink

PENMOR AVIATION, Sheila and Richard Morse
SHORELINE AVIATION, Ann Pollard, Keith Douglass
Holly and Brendan Kissane
Reggie and Steve McCormack
Kathy and Jack Shield

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Welcome to Duxbury Music Festival

An intensive program for solo and chamber instrumental performance

11th Season
Performances open on July 17 and close July 29
Students and Faculty: July 13-30

Stephen Deitz
Festival Director

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Duxbury Music Festival Brick Donation Program

Extended through August 2016!

Duxbury Music Festival sincerely thanks the friends listed below for contributing $2500 or more to the 2015 Duxbury Music Festival's 10th Anniversary Season. In recognition of these leadership gifts, each donor will be receiving an engraved brick in the Ellison Center for the Arts walkway. The brick walkway unveiling will take place on Sunday, October 25th at a special event.

The DMF brick donation program will be extended throughout the next year. For more information or to make a donation contact Amy Schomp at a.schomp@sscmusic.org or 781-749-7565 ext. 19.

Alliance Bernstein Fund
Deborah Allinson
Shirley Amory
Lee & Jack Barlow
Sally & Lans Bouthillier
Jane Carr & Andrew Hertig
Barbara & Frederic Clifford
Mary Danner
Motoko & Gordon Deane
Kathy & William Dixon
Doran Insurance - Francis & Christina Doran
Mollie Dunn
The Fitzgibbons family
GAGNONware - Judy & Bill Gagnon
Patricia & Gerard Gastaud
Nancy Herndon
Donne & Frank Holden
Diane & Sherm Hoyt
Cordage Commerce Center - Miriam & Joseph Jannetty
Susan & Louis Jannetty
Linda & Gerald Jones
Marilyn & Stephen Kaszynski
The Village at Duxbury
Barbara & Morgan Lamarche
Mary Ellen & Peter Lawrence

Mead Witter Foundation
Merck Foundation
Sheila & Richard Morse
Joanne & Richard Plank
Nancy & John Powell
Cynthia & John Reed
The Safe Family Foundation
Pat & Wilfred Sheehan
Wendy & Vincent Spiziri
The Skillman family
Mary & Jerry Steinke
The Foundation for Creative Achievement - Eve Penoyer
Marcia & Abbott Vose
Karen & Harrison Wehner
Frank Wisneski & Lynn Dale

2016 additions
Carolyn and Richard Wadsworth

2015 Audio Highlights

2015 Best of Audio Highlights!

piano trio in recital

South Shore Conservatory proudly presents the DUXBURY MUSIC FESTIVAL, an intensive program for solo and chamber instrumental performance, unique to all of New England.

Founded with the knowledge that music enriches the human spirit and the belief that this enrichment endures in the lives of its participants, the Duxbury Music Festival is located in an idyllic seaside community, thirty-five miles south of Boston and twenty miles north of Cape Cod.

The Duxbury Music Festival is an intensive program for the study and performance of solo and chamber repertoire for undergraduate and graduate students and adult professionals. Festival Director, Stephen Deitz, has gathered to this historic and picturesque town a renowned faculty who offer chamber performances, as well as individual instruction and ensemble coaching.

Program Highlights sailing

A select group of approximately 20 students will participate in multiple private lessons and intensive ensemble coachings as well as a variety of daily performance opportunities. A generous allocation of time for daily practice ensures that students will have the opportunity to reap the benefits of their lessons and coachings.

The program includes: three 1-hour private lessons, four 1-hour ensemble coachings, 5 student recitals, four faculty concerts, solo and chamber music master classes, solo and chamber ensemble competitions, a Winners Concert, generous practice time, bayside room and board, numerous pool parties and barbecues, a sailing event on Duxbury Bay and excursions to nearby Duxbury Beach.

Audiences are invited to purchase tickets for the Festival's Opening Concert, the four faculty concerts and the Winners Concert. Performances will be held at the Conservatory's Ellison Center for the Arts, and in seaside homes or other private venues.

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DMF Cookbook
South Shore Conservatory announces the publication of SOUND BITES, Duxbury Music Festival Favorite Recipes
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Accessibility:  The Ellison Center for the Arts, First Parish Church and the Village at Duxbury are fully handicapped accessible.  For more information regarding a visit to the Ellison Center for the Arts review Know Before You Go. For information regarding the accessibility at other Duxbury Music Festival venues please contact Amy Schomp at 781-749-7565 ext. 19 or the South Shore Conservatory office at the Ellison Center for the Arts at 781-934-2731 ext. 11.

Accomodations:  A limited number of large-print programs will be available at each performance for guests with low vision/vision impairments.  At the Ellison Center for the Arts, we can accommodate a variety of special seating requests (chairs with armrests, extra space for a wheelchair or a service animal).  If you would benefit from these accommodations, please identify yourself to one of our volunteers so they can assist you.

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